View Full Version : Merv Griffin's Crosswords Puzzling XBLA

December 4th, 2007, 00:06
via IGN (http://uk.xbox360.ign.com/articles/839/839132p1.html)

THQ has obtained the rights to produce games based on the television show Merv Griffin's Crosswords. The translations will be handled by THQ's ValuSoft. Even though his name is on the game show, Merv Griffin didn't actually appear on the program. He passed away in August of this year but was apparently involved in early talks for the videogame.

"Merv was aware of the negotiations with ValuSoft," said Ron Ward, Vice Chairman of The Griffin Group. "We discussed the concept of console videogames together, and I know how exciting he found this opportunity."

The game show pits players against each other and the clock as they all attempt to solve crosswords. The videogames are expected to arrive on the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation 2 in 2009. The agreement gives ValuSoft the option to also obtain the rights for Wii and DS versions.

"The growing popularity of Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360, in addition to the solid install-base of the PlayStation 2 system, provides a significant opportunity for a game like Merv Griffin's Crosswords," said Doug Clemmer, president of ValuSoft.