View Full Version : Encode360 2.0 RC2

December 4th, 2007, 16:28
This release is primarily to bring some components up to date, and some minor code changes to hopefully prevent against a few problems. I spent some time yesterday investigating the possibility of removing K-Lite and configuring the codecs on the fly through Encode360, but it just looks too difficult to do right now :(

Given that Microsoft are probably going to be supporting DivX content with the dashboard update due tomorrow, I think you can pretty much scrap the need for this apps existence so at this point, development will probably stop. Thanks for everyone's support on the project so far, particularly the forum moderators who gave up their spare time to help people out with problems. Oh, and Happy 1st Birthday Encode360, although a bit belated. It was about 2 weeks ago ...)

Encode360 2.0 RC2 Changelog:
* NEW: Command-line option /Auto etc. for automatic encoding
* NEW: Updated with support Vista Controls (Class Library from http://www.codeproject.com/vista/VistaControls.asp by Pedro M. C. Cardoso)
* CHANGE: Upgraded to VS2008 Project
* CHANGE: App Manifest for UAC (will hopefully prevent against regkey write failures because of running under standard user mode that was mucking up some filter settings, such as 5.1 audio through AC3Filter and subtitles under ffdshow)
* CHANGE: Updated MediaInfo to
* CHANGE: Updated K-Lite to 3.5.7