View Full Version : REminiscence v0.1.6 for PSP !

July 22nd, 2005, 16:23
<a href="http://www.lantus-x.com/PSP/" target="_blank" >Lantus</a> has released a port of the classic REminiscence for PSP, which is a rewrite of the Flashback engine, heres a screenshot:

<img src="http://psp-news.dcemu.co.uk/files/flashbackl.jpg">

Download Here --> http://psp-news.dcemu.co.uk/REminiscence.shtml

July 22nd, 2005, 17:28
Only problem with this game is that it won't work on my 1.5 but hey it was made for SNES so, you can still technically play it.

And to my understanding you must have a copy of some DOS file for it to work though I'm unsure what exactly you need, and I believe thats my prob.

July 25th, 2005, 06:08
The Game so far works well, the music does not. Although I got the mod files, renamed them properly and copied them into the data folder (I suppose they go there, the readme does not say where they go). I also tried using them in other folders but none seems to works. :-(

July 28th, 2005, 16:05
I'm stumped - I get the homebrew to boot past the PSP splash screen, but then it hangs at a black screen.

All the Flashback data is in /data folder and the .mods are there too.

Any pointers or better instructions, such as directory structures & filenames of people who get it to work, please?

Thanks in advance!

July 28th, 2005, 16:51
Now it works. Did the most sensible thing: deleted everything and copied stuff all over again - don't know what's different this time, though.

Any premade icons/backgrounds for this, by the way?

August 2nd, 2005, 21:45
i made some crappy homemade ones if you want 'em