View Full Version : Timing Attack Confirmed Working after Fall Update

December 5th, 2007, 20:48
Via xbox scene (http://www.xbox-scene.com/)

Ivc confirmed on the XBH forums that he managed to perform the Timing Attack on kernel 6683 (fall 07 update) and boot back into kernel 1888:

The timing attack works on the fall update!
I just downgraded a machine with the latest 6683 kernel to 1888 using the PIC timing attack. The CB/CD sections didn't change after the update and is still 1920 after the update. This might suggest CB 1888/1903/1920 on current machines can't be changed/updated, and a newer CB can only be applied to new machines from the factory/rma.

To verify that machines with CB/CD 1888 and CE/CF 6683 could be downgraded, I ran a timing attack on another machine I had and it booted 1888 after timing attacking it for an hour. Both runs was done on Xenon (initial) motherboards.

Yes, the fuse resistor [R6T3] is in place on both machines. No major problems encountered on either machines after the update and downgrade.

Geremia posted some details about the changes he found in the new kernel:

On my early 2006 console, with R6T3 resistor removed, i see only changes in the kernel+filesystem (as usual) and probably an updated consoleravocationlist, and a few bytes increased at quite end of nand @0xFF3C00, don't know, probably some settings, don't know.
No changes in KV and in CB,CD,CE (still 1888), so games are still open