View Full Version : Xbox classics VGA compatible?

beetroot bertie
December 6th, 2007, 14:09
Hi. Quick question regarding the newly released xbox originals.

Does anyone know if the PAL xbox originals are VGA cable compatible? I'd read that the disc version of Halo 1 isn't and know that Psychonauts isn't as my version will only run with the component cable instead of the VGA. So, does anyone know if this has been fixed or are these download releases just direct port/copies of the original disc material?


Had a look over at the xbox forums and it seems that those that aren't 60Hz originally still won't work (well, Psychonauts has been mentioned as one that doesn't work with VGA) so please be wary if you're in a PAL territory and thinking of downloading either that, Halo or Crash and you only have VGA as an option.

This list shows the b/c games, any with 60Hz labelled as 'yes' should work with VGA shold they ever make it over to the downloadable section.


I guess this problem only applies to PAL releases as all NTSC releases are 60Hz aren't they?