View Full Version : req: iTunes client for PSP? i.e. library sharing

July 22nd, 2005, 23:27
(cross posted at ps2dev)
I searched on this topic and didn't find anything - here goes:

I use a Mac Cube running 10.3.9 as a headless MP3/VNC server. I have my entire mp3 library on the Cube and it pipes audio into my living room - I also use the iTunes library sharing feature to access my music from my tablet pc or my pc workstation.

I know a linux client was built to allow iTunes Store purchases and downloads and playback. Don't know the status of that app right now.

I believe the following would be very useful and popular.

PSP homebrew application that uses WiFi for access to and provide playback of a shared iTunes library on the WLAN. Including the ability to save playlists on the MS would be tight.

My only contribution is that I would glady collaborate on and help create the interface art - no programming here unless you want HTML/PHP.

July 23rd, 2005, 02:06
or maybe simpler(or not) find a way to access shared files and folders on a network and maybe even use em from there, that way you could stream audio, etc over the network to your psp! or this could be largely impossible, i dont know how hard this would be...though it would be awsome if it was possible