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December 9th, 2007, 20:35
Whenever I plug my PSP into the AC adaptor, the amber light stays on regardless of the fact that it's already at 100%. It seems to do this with the USB charge occasionally as well. I have upgraded the firmware, reformated the memory stick and returned all the settings to factory default in hopes that something might work. If anyone has any information, I would be most grateful.

December 9th, 2007, 21:01
Leave it a while and it will turn off on its own..

December 9th, 2007, 21:08
This is because the reading from the battery is not 100% accurate so the battery is actually 100% charged. If you leave it in, after a while, it will stop charging but the light will stay on to show it is drawing power from the mains rather than the battery.

December 16th, 2007, 03:42
I got an even Worse problem... my friend who has a standard slim pdp used my psp which was 3.40OE CFW to create a pandoras battery and downgrade his and I trusted him to do it ... and all worked out okay and his is okay, my Part of the deal was he also upgraded my psp up to 3.71m33-3 .. for me which worked good.

And some I got a big problem, I cannot use my psp anymore its battery is dead. I enjoyed it and didnt notice that my battery always showed 100% all of the time for the charge. Well it ran out and the psp turned off... So I plug in the ac charger... no amber light it just flashes on and off in like one second and wont charge. Now my battery is F'ed up , and he told me something about the battery has an eeprom and he was not smart enough to help me restore it so im screwed.

So does anyone know what I can do now to it to use it again or is it shorted out,

and I also thankfully had a spare battery, it was a cheap chinese higher capacity battery I got for 13$ last year. it was 3.6v 2600mAH .. so i put it back in and it would charge with the ac adaptor for about 10mins and stop and if I reconnected the ac plug it would start charging again and again for 10minute intervals.

but no matter what, when I turn on my psp, and the ac is not connected to the charger, the psp itself works for 5minutes and shuts off on its own .. and then the power switch on the psp does nothing. The only way i can turn back on my psp is to pull out the battery and reconnect it. and i get 100% level again and it drains to i think 92% and by then the psp shuts off.

Also note when the psp shuts off after the time, and i cant get it to work again, I can connect the charger and power it on and then pull out the charger and the psp stays on and workes for another 5 minutes.

Also if the charger is not connected and my psp is off, after a few hours it loses the time and date and when take out and reput in the battery to get it to power on I need to set up the time and date again ... WOW what is wrong here????

man I need serious help... and im mostly a newbie at upgrading firmware or even anything pandoras battery related. I just enjoyed my psp with firmware 2.0 for so long with the E-Boot loader for homebrew and then finally myself put it up to 3.40 oe firmware.

So MANY thanks if both of these batterys will work as Im now going to need to buy another psp battery to enjoy this toy every again ... and Yes right now im running for ever on just the ac adaptor and no battery at all so its not my psp malfunctioning when it shuts off on its own.

Thanks again for any help!!!
Derek k

December 22nd, 2007, 00:02
If he didn't backup the battery EEPROM then you are stuck with pandoras battery (although you may be able to find it on the internet, I don't know).
It seems that this other battery is fake (especially as it was so cheap).
As to the time problem I'm not sure, I think it may be your flash1 is messed up (where all the settings are held) or it may have become corrupt or it sometimes happens when you drop your PSP or something (which I don't recommend doing!)
And if the flash1 is corrupt or broken or something the PSP can only hold the time for a few minutes.