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December 10th, 2007, 16:24
Hey everybody, whats up. Before I get flammed, I have looked around for guides on this, but i can't find any up to date ones. Long story short, I'm getting a PSP later this month (the new 2000 to be exact), and I want to get into homebrew stuff. I'm already into a lot of DS homebrew stuff, so I'm familiar with it in general, but I haven't owned a PSP before or learned anything about PSP homebrew. I'm not sure what firmware comes on new PSP-2000 systems, but I believe it's 3.73 if I'm not mistaken.

Can someone either help tell me or show me where I can find a guide that starts me off on learning how to get programs to load off my PSP. If I'm not mistaken I need to downgrade to a modded 3.71 firmware right? What features will I be loosing in this downgrade, and where can I get the files for the moddified firmware and how do I install them. Once I get the modded firmware, how do I run the programs on my PSP, I don't know if there's any special way or you just pop em on the memory stick. I'm interested in emulators and a couple PSOne games (emulating all games I already own!)

Pretty much this thread is asking how do I do anything lol. I looked for a guide but can't find one that's updated for the newest firmwares and the PSP-2000. If someone can help me out or find a guide that will, that would be great. Thanks in advance.

December 10th, 2007, 22:29
the PSP-2000 I believe still comes with 3.60 or 3.71
There are quite a few tutorials on Firmware Mods etc but i'll get you started.

You need to use a Pandora Battery / Memory stick (Memory stick can be made yourself) to downgrade to 3.71, you can obtain one from a friend who has a hacked PSP or you could consult noobz.eu's modder list.

Any homebrew you download goes into:
its executed from the Memory Stick Menu in Game'

unless its kernel specific (3.71 / 1.50) in your case you just have 3.71.

If you need more information I highly recommend http://www.hackingpsp.com/


PS1 emulation is illegal unless you have the BASE.PBP file from a game you downloaded from the Playstation Store