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July 24th, 2005, 20:25
Every time i turn on my dreamcast it asks me to set the time/date and never saves! and when i put in a burned game it asks me to set it once then i hit ok then it asks me again and i hit ok and it takes me back to the main dreamcast screen and i hit play and it asks me over and over again. WTF IS WRONG?! someone help please!

July 24th, 2005, 22:20

If you already took out the screws of your DC just to know how it looks from the inside, you would notice that near the middle of the controller ports stands a circular littium battery. That saves the time and date of the internal ROM chip of the console. When that battery runs out of energy, the DC will ask you almost every time you turn on the machine to configure the time and date. Also it will redirect you to the DC's control panel, so you can check your VMU, change settings and play the discs.

If your burned game doesn't load after you hit the A button on the play option, basically means one of these: The image file is corrupt or the burner isn't working properly. If you have a CD burner and a DVD burner, try to burn the image on the DVD burner and see how it works. If you still have problems, try the CD burner with other burning programs. I use Alcohol 120, Nero or DiscJuggler to burn the images.

If the above statement doesn't work, the Image file is corrupt. In that case you have to find a new image to test with.

July 25th, 2005, 00:12
Thanks, But all my burned games worked before this so this isnt the problem. How do i remove the battery? Its attached to the 2 prongs coming out of it. I switched the controller port with another dc i have and it still didnt work so i dont know what the problem is. How would i remove the battery and what type of battery does it use so i can replace it?

July 25th, 2005, 14:43
You don't need to replace it, the DC battery is rechargable, leave your DC on for about 2 hours and it will last about 20 days. Chances are the battery is still good, but its just dead.

If it is bust, ie. wont charge anymore, just replace it with a VMU battery, or similar. Removing the battery is annoying as on some rev's its glued in.

I switched the controller port with another dc i have and it still didnt work
Did you try more than once? because if you switched on and then tried it will ask you once more anyway, try again it should remember it.
This is very unlikely but if you've changed the contr. board and it still wont work its possible its a bad connection/blown resistor.

August 3rd, 2005, 17:31
vmu's batteries aren't rechargeable