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December 15th, 2007, 13:42
News/release from Mollusk: (http://www.xflib.net/index.php?topic=14) for Pocket PC:

Here's a quick release of an old game I coded, Virus Chaser. I didn't release it at first because I was looking for a graphist (never found one ^^). If anyone is motivated, feel free to post here ! The theme can be completely changed, I named it Virus Chaser because they were the only images I had ready to use :s

The whole game is about preventing a virus from escaping !

Each turn, you can plot a single wall to try and block the virus, and it'll then move 1 tile towards the exit...

Each time you manage to capture it'll, you'll have to restart with 1 less wall at the beginning... How good a Virus Chaser can you get ?

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