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December 17th, 2007, 16:23
New Released Today:


Lumines Remixes Winter contains all songs included in the Rockin' Holiday Pack of the latest Lumines Live Xbox™ Live edition.

This work from the three Japanese artists Keiichi Sugiyama, h ueda and Takayuki Nakamura is the ideal winter holiday season package for all Lumines, video game and techno fanatics.

track listing
1. the wind is wailing
2. Flower Cards
3. In Late Night
4. amber moon
5. no bird
6. Flavor
7. Lie in Rhodes
8. pumpkin head man
9. new cold+
10. compressive flake
11. minimum vox
12. I think
13. neorange
14. Freezig point
15. snow girl
16. a piece of sine wave
17. fab fells
18. deck the halls
19. Papa!
20. Discoveries