View Full Version : More Xbox Live ban waves this weekend

December 18th, 2007, 00:06
Via xbox scene (http://www.xbox-scene.com/)

It appears that MS has started banning people over the past week (happy holidays xbox360 users!).

As always, we would like to gather data and input from the community as to what may be causing these bans. It appears to effect the new ixtreme 1.4 aswell as the older ixtreme and non ixtreme versions, and all of the drives have been effected. We even have a few reports of a few trusted people in the community who were banned and had not played anything but a retail copy. As of this moment we do not know if a new security was implemented, or if they are further scrutinizing the already given criteria (SS, DMI, PFI alterations, timings, etc).

So if you have gotten banned over the past week, we would ask you to share the following with us in the forum thread below, otherwise, please do not post in the thread! Bans only!

A) Firmware Version, drive type (hitachi, samsung, benq) and when you upgraded/installed that version. Also include if you spoofed the version.
B) Previous firmware version's, or if the console is freshly modded or refurbished (please include manufactor date)
C) Backups played over the past month(and whether they were checked with kreon checker, if not, please check the SS and report the results)
D) Originals played over the past month
E) Method of backing up games (as always, piracy is not tolerable on xbox-scene, so if you have downloaded these games, please do not bother posting.

Thanks to all who have contributed in the past, and those for the future :)