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December 18th, 2007, 00:44

News/release from daaa57150:

Hi everyone,

I'm developping a game and thought it was time to release a demo because now we can have a good feeling of what it will be like. It's named DJ Drops, and it's a musical puzzle game where you have to clear levels by resisting until the end of the song.

The blocks have different shapes and colors (6 each) and to make them explode, 4 of the same color and/or shape have to connect.

The game has a quite nice combo system to chain like hell
You can chain combos by different ways:
- the classical : blocks explode, those above fall and connect, combo!
- the explosion : the blocks take some time to explode and during this moment you can add other blocks to make more combos
- the cooldown : after an explosion, a small amount of time is given to make blocks explode somewhere else, if you do it before the time is elapsed, you make more combos.

The game is "musical" in the way that the gameplay is in rythm with the music.

In the current version (demo 4.1), a test stage is available where lines come up in a given interval, so it's not musical at all but you'll see how it works. To test that, choose "gameplay" in the menu.
A level with a music who's influencing gameplay is also available, choose "levelssoup" in the menu.

The 2 levels are quite hard but it's doable, at least you'll have some challenge right ?

How to play :
up/down to change item
X to select
[ ] to cancel
start to quit

left/right to move the pair
down to make it go down faster
X and O to rotate (clockwise/counter clockwise)
L and R to teleport the pair to the left/the right
start to come back in the menu
select to take a screenshot

The special blocks with a number on them explode once they get to 0. For this you'll have to chain combos. Shielded blocks need to connect in packs of 5 minimum.

Other informations :
You have to quit via the menu because the home button doesn't work (if someone wants to help..)
The game still looks like a big test center, there are really a bunch available to see all I can do with particles generators etc.. The source code is there too so if you need anything just take it, but mention my name somewhere in your release.

Download and Give Feedback Via Comments
via daa57150 (http://forums.qj.net/f-psp-development-forum-11/t-demo-releasedj-drops-130216.html)

December 18th, 2007, 00:48
now this looks really interesting.
a nice original and fun homebrew.
I'm defiantly going be be trying this out. Only thing is the graphics. but if the game is really fun graphics don't matter that much. it would still look cooler with better graphics but it seams like an awsome game

December 18th, 2007, 11:32
yup I know gfx are lame, I made them in paint...
this is only a demo, I'm looking for a gfx designer to help me with that!