View Full Version : Just Need a little bit of help...

December 20th, 2007, 21:10
I recently tried to revive my Dreamcast after 5 years.

I have got all the cables hooked up, and it boots up fine.

However, After it loads, I get the, "Select a Date, time etc" screen, and my Controller won't do anything!

As it has been ages, is it something I am doing?

December 20th, 2007, 21:36
Unplug the controller and plug it back in; then reboot the Dreamcast.

December 22nd, 2007, 11:20
Didn't work.

I can't see it being a problem with the controller, as it has only just come out of the box :\

September 6th, 2008, 06:25
I'm having the same problem and I can't seem to find a straight answer on this...help?

September 6th, 2008, 13:22
could be the f1 resistor is blown,