View Full Version : Xbox Linux and XBMC ?

December 21st, 2007, 17:00
Sorry if this is a FAQ somewhere.

Is it possible to have both xbox media centre and xbox linux installed on the same soft modded xbox at the same time ?

That is really all I need to know. I have visions of using the linux set up to download torrents and the XBMC to play them back.

Thanks for your time.


Kichigai Mentat
February 20th, 2008, 03:33
Yes. You can very easily. For the longest time I had my XBox set up in the same way (and I plan to restore this configuration) where I used Linux to run a MythTV front-end (think TiVo, but free, and better) and XBMC for everything else.

If you're planning to use the XBox as a torrent manager, it's not recommended. The XBox only has 64 MB of RAM, less in Linux (due to the custom configuration of the XBox GPU, Linux has to borrow RAM from the system cache). BitTorrent, due to the way it functions, requires a decent amount of RAM, and 64 MB (actually, I think it's around 56 MB), and you're going to thrash your disk swapping out from RAM, and that'll kill your system performance... and lifespan. Plus, unless you upgrade your hard disk, you'll have less than 3-4 GB of storage to play with, which isn't a whole lot, especially if you have one of the XBoxes with an 8 GB disk (as opposed to the 10 GB disks), because then you have even less space, since you've got to cram Linux into your E drive too.