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December 21st, 2007, 22:06

I have a psp fat and a psp slim. Using the Pandora + Universal Downgrader Easy Insatller, I went through the following steps.

1. Inserted memory stick.
2. Inserted Datel battery.
3. Pressed X to install 3.71m33-2
4. 3.71m33-2 gets installed.
5. When the psp restarted it went red showing the date and time, then restarted.
6. Found out I needed to go into Recovery Mode by holding 'R' on startup to fix this problem.
7. Problem fixed.

All the above steps I used with the psp slim and everything is working correctly. The problem I have is I get up to steps 4 and 5 with the psp fat when 3.71m33-2 gets installed and I end up with the same screen as step 5.

I thought all I needed to do was what I did with the psp slim and hold down 'R' at startup to go into recovery mode but this doesn't seem to work.

No matter what I try I can't get into the recovery mode on the psp fat so I'm stuck with a psp fat that starts up, show date & time then restarts. I did check the update to ensure everything was installing OK and it seem to be.

It used to have 2.71 before I tried to install 3.71m33-2.

Anybody have any ideas how I can fix the psp fat ?

December 21st, 2007, 22:58
You could try installing it again, you don't have anything to lose by doing so. If that doesn't work, you could also use the battery and memory stick to downgrade your fat PSP to 1.50. At that point you can install 3.52 M33 and then go to 3.71 M33 from there.

Alternatively, is there any chance that the right shoulder button on the fat PSP just isn't making contact? You might want to check that first.