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July 25th, 2005, 17:51
I was just wondering how would you go about recombining an eboot split apart into two files ie. TETRIS and TETRIS% (for 1.5 use) and use it on a v1.0 psp? I know that this question is worded strangely, so if any clarification is needed pls ask. Thank you in advance :)

July 25th, 2005, 17:57
Yeah use SEI -


If it goes dead you can always find it from here -


July 25th, 2005, 19:07
or use pspbrew

July 25th, 2005, 19:40
If you want the simple way try pbp unpacker http://www.pdc.me.uk/pbp/ it's really the only eboot tool you need imho :D

As far as going back from 1.5 to 1.0 I'm not 100% sure since I only have 1.5 but I'd do this

The EBOOT.PBP in the no % folder needs to be renamed to DATA.PSP then extract and combine all the files into an EBOOT.PBP Again the simplest way I would think is pbp unpacker to do this. I'm not sure if you will need to make a different(new) SFO file or not for it though. If so these are the standard parameters but give it a shot with the extracted SFO first.


Bootable / 1 / 0 / 4
Category / MG / 1 / 2
Region / 32768 / 0 /4
Title / "name" / 108 / 2

Save to File

The "name" would be the name of the folder for the EMU

July 25th, 2005, 21:24
It's a lot easier to just use SEI to do it.

July 26th, 2005, 02:35
It's a lot easier to just use SEI to do it.
i agree, all u have to do is select the % eboot, the non-% eboot, and press convert and you're done!

July 26th, 2005, 18:29
thank you