View Full Version : Ipod touch homebrew... is it safe?

December 23rd, 2007, 18:36
Ive owned a psp and have had homebrew on it forever and im getting my ipod touch on christmas but is putting homebrew on it safe? Cause all i really want is to use the psx emu and FF7 and maybe some snes games but does it void ur warrenty and is there a chance of bricking?

December 23rd, 2007, 20:11
Theres almost no chance of bricking, if it does ĘbrickĘ which it probably wont, you can just restore the firmware through iTunes, the PSX emualtor is in its early stages, but it runs final fantasy quite well, it just needs to be sped up a bit, thats all.

December 23rd, 2007, 21:53
Ok so there is a way to restore if it were to brick? thats alot better now i need to wait for christmas!