View Full Version : Problem with multi-disk efforts. Please Help

December 25th, 2007, 16:01
First post: My apologies if it's idiotic. I'll try to refrain from asking redundant questions. I've looked everywhere, been reading forums for the last umpteen hours, but to no avail.

I have 3.71 m33-4 firmware loaded successfully- as well I've gone into the configuration menu and enabled the popsloader via the plugin directory. Specifically I've been attempting to work with both Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII because in the last two days (since I finally broke the mundane insanity of official firmware) I've been able to conquer every other problem which stifled for me for a time using the wonderful resources available on this forums and the others which are peppered about the net.

On Final Fantasy VII, I have the NTSC Discs in hand (people who wouldn't own this game are heretics) but the eboots that I have for each respective disc are the older ones with the KEYS.bin accompanying it, each one works individually when loaded from the GAME directory. I've been using the newest popstation_md included in the m33-4 update via GUIs in order to do the legwork for me. I've been using PuPops 0.1b, First Multi-Disc Popstation GUI v1.1 and also the newest RedSquirrel-GUI to create a new eboot direction using the appropriate game IDs (found on the discs as well as the sonyindex) and all goes seemingly well. When I try to run the new eboot file all of the customizations that I've made (standard icon and pic replacement; though I've tried it sans modifications) show up without incident, but the game gives me intro splash screen and then goes black.

Metal Gear Solid I created using IceTea 1.3 (also own the discs would just love to translate the experience to my psp) and the Eboots also -work individually- but using any of the three popstation_md GUIs I can create an eboot, with or without the desired trappings and ornamentation of icon and sound files but all with the same result-- a black screen which does nothing else, doesn't load a sony logo or inititate in anyway whatsoever. Holding the R trigger and accessing popsloader avails me nothing as well, all pops immediately freeze the system except for the one in flash memory which proceeds to attempt to load it but with the same hollow effect.

I seem to have run the whole spread here (of course my ignorance may proove otherwise if this is a small overlooked problem.) I'm not a veteran of the scene and this is a bit to absorb in two days...but using one game old eboot style with the keys.bin and one which is entirely standalone I come to dead end each and every time I attempt to convert them into a multidisc eboot.

Also, with MGS at least I've tried making the multi-disk pop straight from the ISOs, that seems to work (using combinations of exact ID Codes and/or just using the disc 1 ID) the eboot was created seemingly successfully, but in this instance the game wouldn't load. It gave me a customary -Game cannot be started, date is corrupt-

Any help would be appreciated,