View Full Version : a real challenge for a mapthis pro

December 29th, 2007, 21:11
hey all, i have a fat psp on 3.71 m33, and another on m33-3, i have the holux gpslim240 and map this 5.20. i made a long island map with the program by in7ane, that all runs well, yet i can not get the gps to work. it says gps on when i press square but nothing happens. I used the mapthis program to configure my the config file, i did not use the comp, is this where i went wrong? can someone either send me there config file for the gpslim240 or give me a huge hand here, i am really confused because im thinking maybe i did something wrong, also for the 236 i heard the orange light on the gps receiver needs to blink for the receiver to properly work, mine, on the 240, remains constantly on, is this wrong?? (i walked around outside and it still remained on) please help, ive sat here for 3 hours staring at the dcemu walkthroughs for this with no prevail.
thanks all for viewing