View Full Version : which is better a av&s-video cable or ypbpr cable

January 1st, 2008, 18:15
i want 2 know which gives better quality picture av&s-video cable or ypbpr cable for ps3

January 4th, 2008, 09:48
The best cable to use is component (YPBPPR) or HDMI, DEFINITALLY not AV/S-Video as they only produce a resolution of 480i whereas Component/HDMI give resolutions from 576p up to 1080p (Full HD). This is basically like PC resolutions...the higher the number the better the picture you're going to get. Of course you need an HDTV for this, if you only have and EDTV you're only going to be able to use component for 576p.
Just explain P and I:
I=It means interlaced where 2 seperate halves of the picture are sent to the T.V. to make a whole picture, but also means you may get poorer quality when there is fast motion on the screen where scanlines may appear.
P=Progressive is the best picture mode you can get where the whole picture is sent to the T.V. to give it a better full picture.

Hope this was insightful.:thumbup: