View Full Version : 1st modchip (sorry if in wrong area)

January 6th, 2008, 19:43
I have a ps2 slim v12 and looking at modding it. modchips and modding of consoles has always been something I have been interested in and I would like to give it a go. I have been looking at numerous of modchips and I think I am looking for a modchip which will run all backups psx and ps2 and will work with multiple disc games such as ff7 and metal gear solid aswell as it being able to work with cheat systems. Also id like to boot from HDD and USB sooo does anyone have modchip reccomendations?

I have been looking around on the interweb and cannont find any big retailers of modchips for the uk does anyone know any good places to grab them from.

Also anyone got any good advice for a 1st time modder.