View Full Version : I know everyone's asking about Downgrading from/hacking 1.51/1.52...

July 27th, 2005, 13:31
But has any progress been made at all? Is it seriously likely to be achieved any time soon?

The reason why I ask is that I can get a JAP 1.51 PSP with 512MB for just 140...

I read somewhere that either WAB or Xecuter found a way do to it but they havn't released it yet or something?

July 27th, 2005, 13:48
If you know everyones been asking then why not look at the answers they got. The same answer we gave them we will give to you. No matter how much you think you are special you are not. You will not find that the answer bends to suit you. No, no program is out yet. Xecuter supposidlly has it but is not been released. Why not look it up if you've heard about it. I suggest you by the psp and upgrade to 2.0 and play the newest games and never return here unless you have something inteligent to say. Please change the name of the thread to another question asking the samething about the same subject on 1.51.

July 27th, 2005, 13:54
Friendly as ever on the PSP scene...

July 27th, 2005, 14:00
this question has been asked many times, so u could have just used the search button. and if there was any new info it would have been posted

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