View Full Version : PSPCAP32: Amstrad CPC Emulator for PSP v1.3.3

January 12th, 2008, 22:43

Hi All,

Here is a new version (final ?) of PSPCAP32 the CPC Emulator for PSP.

For those who haven't seen previous versions, Caprice32 is one of
the best emulator of the Amstrad CPC home computer series running
on Windows and Unix, written by Ulrich Doewich.
This emulator faithfully imitates the CPC464, CPC664, and CPC6128 models.

What's new in version 1.3.3 :

- improve speed (+3 fps at 222Mhz)
- add new hotkeys :
. settings such as fps, delta_y or render mode
can now be directly modified inside the emulator
(no need to enter in the settings menu)
. quick save / quick load current state
(no need to enter in the main menu)
- bug fix in green/monochrome default settings

How to use it ? Everything is in the README.txt file.

Sources are included, and this package is under the GNU public license,
read COPYING.txt file for more information about it.

You can download it here :



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