View Full Version : SCUMMVM help...can't save!

January 14th, 2008, 01:17
Hey does anyone have experience with Scumm? I got it to load Sam and Max but when it tries to save it says it can't save. I can't find any documentation and the scumm website isn't any help...anyone have this problem???

January 14th, 2008, 05:37
Hrms. I don't have Sam n' Max, but I've played Day of the Tentacle all the way though with scummvm-0.9.1-psp and saves worked fine for me.

It worked fine on firmware 2.0 with the old eloader, I just tried it again (my psp is now running firmware 1.5) and it saved fine.

It puts the saves in X:\scummvm_savegames\ (it creates the folder when you first run the app), the save I just made is only ~20KB.

What version of SCUMMVM-PSP are you running? Ill try your (probably newer) version and see if saves work.
What firmware are you running, fat or slim PSP?
Are you running it under the 1.5 kernel?
Did it create that directory on the root of the memory stick? You could try manually creating it.
The memory stick isnt TOTALLY full is it?

You can compress the monster.sou from scumm talkie versions to an mp3 archive instead of a wav one to save space on the memory stick also. I don't think the PSP port supports ogg, perhaps it does.