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July 30th, 2005, 15:24
Hi every body, im going to get straight to the point i need help with the emulators for the dreamcast.
I had nero 6 and have now downgraded to version 5.5.10, as i couldnt burn anything with 6.
I was able to burn dreamsnes and it booted fine but it didnt load any games so i must add them after woulds but im not sure how.
Also i dont know how the selfboot inducer, disk juggler, bootdream, binary etc work.
So far i have download plenty of software(nero, sbiv4,bootdream,dj, acohol 120% but i cant find simple user guides for any of these, except nero.
ive been to the emulators section of this site and there many thing that i would like to burn but i dont know how to create images from binary or the sbi files.
Basically i know nothing, i think the dreamcast is one the greatest console ever and i have over 160 games for it + 1000s of retro games(smeg,gameboy,megadrive,mame)but the disks i bought a while ago are now pretty scratched up, so i would like to replace them and also it would be great to have a commodre 64 emulator and even a commodre 16 aswel.
Im sorry i seem needy but ive been trying to burn my own games for years but ive never had much luck so i fany body can help me that would be great.
if ive left out any info that you might need please let me know.

Oh 2 more things where can i get snes roms and ive got about 200 gba roms which i play on my pc using an emulator, can the same files work on the dreamcast
Thanks for your time
Darren :confused:

July 31st, 2005, 09:02
There is currently no legal way of playing commerical games on DreamSNES and such talk is not allowed here...

You can buy SNES ROMs in second hand games stores or off eBay!