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January 18th, 2008, 16:01

I just realized that my semi-HDTV has s-video and component inputs. I'd like to upgrade from my composite cables and I have two options. Are both feasible, and if so which setup would you recommend?

1. Dreamcast -> s-video cable -> TV
2. Dreamcast -> VGA box -> VGA/Component cable -> TV

My TV will display a maximum of 480i (will this be a problem, I see 480p mentioned a lot), and I can buy everything listed from eBay.

Would the VGA/component cable (M/M) work directly from the VGA box to the TV, or would I need a transcoder in there?

Thanks a lot!

January 18th, 2008, 18:36
480i isn't HDTV nor EDTV. It's SDTV.

However, if your TV has component inputs it should be capable of displaying 480p EDTV. Please check your TV's manual.

S-Video is the best solution for NTSC SDTVs and will provide you with a much better picture compared with Composite.

A good VGA box does have an additional S-Video out so that's what I would buy - plus you can use it with your PC monitor.

In case your TV does support 480p; but only takes Y'PbPr and not RGB/VGA via its component input, then try one of these transcoders: