View Full Version : I now own

January 19th, 2008, 20:32
1x Sega Dreamcast (Homebrew Capable)
1x Sega Saturn (Oval buttons)
1x Green VMU unit!
Shenmue with all disc + Passport and Manual with Case!
A bunch of burnt games for Dreamcast
still waiting on some other stuff from eBay :(

My only problem is I have no real Saturn game or Modchip so I can't do the Swap trick obviously lol and I cannot play any Saturn games at all yet :(

I also cannot use eBay currently (Long Story) or Play-Asia since they are all japanese games and I cannot seem to find a website that sells Saturn and Dreamcast games that accept Visa :( so this stinks I might have to try Amazon to build up my collection or something, anyone got any advice:confused:

January 19th, 2008, 20:44
Congratulations! Yeah try Amazon and Ebay, there are various games there.

January 19th, 2008, 23:52
I can only really do Amazon if those are the choices since most places on eBay do not accept Visa cards and I do not own a Pay Pal account :(

February 1st, 2008, 19:59
Racketboy has Saturn Modchips.

Just Google Sega Saturn Modchips (but SHAME on you for pirating :p)