View Full Version : please help me my psp is dead?

August 3rd, 2005, 07:03
sorry guys i newbie, but thanks.

August 3rd, 2005, 07:11
Sounds to me like you're actually putting your PSP into sleep mode, not turning it off, so when it comes back on, it's still doing what it was doing before (looping).

With the PSP on, hold the power switch up for ten seconds or more. Keep holding it until the screen backlight goes off and the power light goes off.

BTW, UMD dumping? Playing commercial PSP games off the stick?
I think you're in the wrong forum. Take that shit elsewhere.

August 3rd, 2005, 07:11
Hi guys, i need extreme help please, im a newbie on this, my problem is:

I try to put the UMD dumper alpha v0.001 in to my memory stick, before this i patched the EBOOT.PBP file with seiPSPtool.exe, and then it create two folders that i named UMD, these folders appeared in PSP/GAME/ directory one its UMD and the other UMD%, i try to play: Puzzle_Bobble_JAP_PSP-DEV,and is an iso, i put that iso in the UMD directory without %, when i try to run the program, in the screen appear "UMD DUMPER: WAIT FOR UMD DRIVE TO BE READY"

its shows many times in a row,in the readme file of the UMD dumper says:"UMD Dumper: Opening Memstick iso file for writing
UMD Dumper: Opening success
UMD Dumper: Opening UMD filesystem for reading
UMD Dumper: Wait for UMD drive to be ready
Don't Shutdown PSP

i shutdowned my psp, i dont read the readme file before this and now i cant back to the menu, in put off my psp but the lines continues appearing i dont know what to do please guys help me, i dont wanna a dead psp, i only buy it a 2 weeks ago,please consider this post.

Help me i take out the memory stick from my PSP but the menssage is still in the screen, please i beg you i need really help, somebody please i dont know how to fix it, please.

talking about dumpers is illegal, and this forum does not allow this stuff.
that's what pm's are for.