View Full Version : Chankast - am I missing something?

October 3rd, 2004, 14:06
Have been a happy owner of a DC for ages but alas the wife wont let me play it (boo!) - "cluttering the lounge etc"!!!

Anyway have just discovered Chankast this weekend and got overly excited about being able to play stuff on it

However, for the life of me, i cannot get it to play ANYTHING. It keeps saying please insert game disc, and then pressing the button a couple of times, makes it return to the date entry screen and the whole process repeats

I cant help but think i am doing something wrong - its the most recevnt version of the emulator and i have the bios etc

Any advice anyone?


October 3rd, 2004, 18:42
Yeah you cant use your Dreamcast GDrom disks you have to rip them and turn them into a cdi file which is a disc juggler file after doing that Chankast should work and i would also recommend downloading the newest version of directX