View Full Version : DC resets whenever i use copied CD

October 3rd, 2004, 14:02

i just bought a 2nd hand DC off a bloke and all the games he sold with it are copies. they tend to run for a min or two and then the machine resets. i presume this is an anti piracy feature of sega's. theres a boot disc also (utopia dreamcast cd loader v1.1) here but doesnt seem to recognise the games.

suggestions? im a total n00b to this whole area, like you couldnt tell.

October 3rd, 2004, 15:22
We will not talk about copied DC games in these forums. Please read the rules.

October 3rd, 2004, 16:10
Sorry for unlocking this to reply (it's locked again now)

Here's a fix for a resetting DC:


When you've done that find the nearest bin and get rid of those crap copy games...

1) They are illegal.
2) They most likely will be on poor quality media (pirates don't bother with quality, only profit from fools).
3) They'll shorten the lifespan of the Dreamcast (yes they do!).
4) They'll probably crash just as you get to enjoy the game.
5) It won't cost you much to get the real thing.
6) They'll probably contain a dummy file - why do you think they called it 'dummy'.