View Full Version : Online video streaming/browser query:

January 29th, 2008, 19:28
Not totally convinced this is in the right section, but nevermind it still falls under help...

I want to know, will online video streaming ever be possible of common formats ? I know that PSPTube allows straming of .flv, and (sort of) .avi etc, so if this is managable, will there ever be a chance of a app where perhaps you can type a direct link to stream a video ? Has there ever been any attempts ? I'm no developer, so you lot in the know set me straight.

Also, has there been any plugins developed for the PSPs browser, and if so what were they ? I've become use to being able to block images from certain sites (such as adds), so I'm just curious, as a person who's only new to the PSP scene, and therefore has probably missed lots.