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January 30th, 2008, 04:00
ok firstly sorry, i know this has been threaded before, but i kinda would like to know...

so i got one of those games'n'music a while back and discovered it could not, play 'backups', but i wasnt totally disapointed, because i could use it for my music and ebooks since i travel alot, so i got moonshell and DSOrganize to boh work on it just fine...

proble: moonshell has no bookmarking system, so whenever i read somthing i have to start from the begining unless i have an awsome memory of what page its on,

and why can you not edit/make new files/directorys?

but mainly i want to know what kind of hommebrew is out thier for ebook reading, and what functions it has...

January 30th, 2008, 04:17
There are bookmarks in Moonshell, but you must enable them when installing it. Not sure if the GnM has an installer, but more than likely you can just run the installer for the GBAMP version and then patch the resulting *.nds file with the GnM DLDI file.

Moonshell is designed to read files only, not write to them. For that, use DSOrganize, but keep in mind that it uses the older gba_nds_fat filesystem code rather than libfat, so while DragonMinded has gone to great lengths to improve its stability, you can still get filesystem corruption sometimes.

Other text readers include DSOrganize, Readmore (turns the DS on its side for reading), DSReader (my personal favorite as it uses font files from your computer, though text files can't have spaces for bookmarks to work), and DSLibris.

I personally prefer DSReader as it lets you use white text on a black background, which I find easier on the eyes. It also lets you choose between regular font rendering, anti-aliased, and subpixel anti-aliased. I'd suggest making the "DSReader" folder on the root of your card manually though, rather than letting it create it for you. Copy (NOT MOVE) font files from your C:\Windows\fonts directory into this folder.

All of them take TXT files only, except DSLibris which I believe takes XML files of some sort.