View Full Version : PSP Weather 3.0 Problems

January 30th, 2008, 19:26
all of my homebrew stuff like remote joy, PIMP streamer, PSP poste work, but I am having some troubles with PSP Weather. I configured the XML for my location but when it starts and connects my network, red text appears on the bottom saying TinyXML load error: Failed to open file

I have tried everything, I have 3.40OE (used to have 3.71M33-4,b but could get remote joy on it) Another problem I am having with my ISO back ups is that they freeze when I try to exit. Also one quick question does remote joy work on 3.80M33?

January 30th, 2008, 22:03
you have done something wrong with the XML file therefore it cant read it.

We dont help with ISO backups, seriously dont even mention them.. Read the EULA some day.