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January 31st, 2008, 12:14
I have a old fat psp and the disk drive is broke (so cant do the lumines way), its on fw 3.52 and now i want to place a custom firmware on it so i can make use of it again...

Do i have to make a Pandora battery by making a modification to my my original battery by opening it up and modifying it?

And also do i need to change my memory stick to a magic stick? if so how and where can i do this?

Then I should be able to install a cfw?

you probably get a million questions like this I really have tried looking just dont want to do something and get it wrong.

Thanks for any help!

January 31st, 2008, 13:45
Thanks all my question has now been answered on another post :D

yes you need to modify your battery as shown in those photos...and yes you will need to make a magic memstick, follow this guide for the memstick! and when you get to the part that asks you to choose the pandora folder...choose despertar...this will allow you to put 3.71M33-2 on your psp then you can upgrade further from there when your done!

now the only other way to make the battery and memstick is if you know someone who already has custom firmware on there psp, if not you need to go this route!

when you successfully have a pandora battery and magic memstick, you place the memstick in your psp, then you place the pandora battery in...you should then see a menu pop up on your psp, there will be a few choices to choose from...all you will have to do is hit X to install 3.71M33...it will then flash the firmware onto your psp...when its done it will shut itself down, and you then place your regular battery back in and you should now have a homebrew enabled psp, running 3.71M33-2...now you can update to 3.80M33#5 if you like!

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January 31st, 2008, 19:07
yes you need to modify your battery as shown in those photos...

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no you dont if you know someone with a psp on custom firmware. or you buy the tool battery, hard mod is a bad idea unless you have a spare battery cos you cant change it back.