View Full Version : Flashing blue light on Wii = new channel update

January 31st, 2008, 15:34
Via: HEXUS.gaming

Boy band contest currently underway

Don't get too excited folks. That flashing blue light that you see this morning on your Wii disc slot isn't the addition of a brand new channel nor is it news that SEGA Master System games have finally been added to the 'Virtual Console'.

The new update relates to the Mii Channel and includes the ability to call all your previously-posted Miis in the Posting Plaza, and also additional parental control support.

In order to update the Mii contest channel you'll need to head to the Wii shop to download the new patch.

Incidentally, people are creating some amazing Mii characters in these contests, it's worth checking them out just to see the skill and time they've invested in some of these creations.

I've not faired too badly myself and recently entered the King Arthur Mii contest coming 8th in the world-wide rankings! Go me!