View Full Version : Should i update to 3.71 m33??

Dr Eggman
February 1st, 2008, 16:48
Hey all,

I've been using 3.40OE-A and i want to use theme's by sony, and some other features of 3.71. I want to make sure all Homebrew will work, because i dont want to be constanly updating, downgrading back etc.

Here's my isos/discs
Disgaea : Aftenoon of Darkness
Tony Hawk's Underground 2 REMIX
Hot Pixel
Sonic Rivals 1&2
Need For Speed Carbon - Own the City.
Tony Hawk's Project 8
Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX

And my homebrew:
Defend Your PSP
PSP Filer ver 4.6
DOSBox 0.71
The Good Bookr: Bible Reader
PSPLink v3.0 OE
SmashGpsp 0.2b
Daedalus R13
Ruka's SNES9x_TYL0.4.2++
Super Mini Sonic v3
PSP Genesis
USB SSS (USB Special System Storage)
(UMD Ripper over USB)

I know this post is rather long, but will all my homebrew work? I know i have to use the 1.50 addon, but it is ok.

Should i update to m33, and start new? or should i stay on 3.40OE-A
and say:

Remember, if it ain't broken, don't fix it.


February 2nd, 2008, 05:17
not broken, just outdated

I'll tell you one word "sony NP9660.prx", with this everything loads faster even the actual UMDs, not to mention their backed up counterparts (those ones fly:p), plus no UMD on the drive so it feels lighter.

So yeah you should, and yeah all the Emulators that require 1.50 work with the 1.50 kernel addon v2

February 2nd, 2008, 15:06
I was under the impression that talking about Iso's was against the rules here.

I would like to reassure that all your homebrew will still work and there's no need to worry (I actually had the same worries and eventually just bit the bullet.) Just make sure to get the 1.50 kernel if you intend to update to 3.80 or 3.90 and popsloader if you want to play PSX games.