View Full Version : Can't get YPaint to work.

February 3rd, 2008, 12:10
Okay, it comes in 1.50 builds, or at least the ones I've tried and none of them have worked. I've got the Anniversary Edition in my GAME150, and upon launching I get this:

error: bad arguement #1 to 'getn' (table expected, got nil)
Error: No script file found.

Press start to restartI'm used to having difficulty with 1.50 builds, as I use a 8GB sony stick, but they're all usually resolved after formatting & transferring the 1.50 stuff first, except this one...

February 3rd, 2008, 22:30
8GB on 3.52 M33 is the problem..

Update to 3.71 and use the LUA app in that kernel