View Full Version : help with drac x on psp

August 6th, 2005, 02:05
im running emu 0.62 i have done the toc thing but my iso files are in win rar and i cant extract them also will i need a newer emu

August 6th, 2005, 02:19
Why cant you extract?

August 6th, 2005, 02:31
the rom i got from rom hustler it starts as as a win rar then goes to a win zipthen finally in game directory i have the mp3 files and 2 win rar files it says no archives found when i try to extract but the rar files are the size they should be

August 6th, 2005, 02:34
its my iso files 2 and 21 i think i cant extract

arch stanton
August 6th, 2005, 13:10
You don't extract the two iso files just leave them as the y are.

Follow instructions for Dracula X given in this thread.



August 6th, 2005, 16:12
copy this and make a TOC file.

This is for Dracula X Rondo of Blood

Track 01 Audio 00:02:00 LBA=000000
Track 02 Data 00:53:65 LBA=003890
Track 03 Audio 03:11:14 LBA=014189
Track 04 Audio 04:57:48 LBA=022173
Track 05 Audio 06:00:67 LBA=026917
Track 06 Audio 07:37:09 LBA=034134
Track 07 Audio 09:00:61 LBA=040411
Track 08 Audio 10:05:35 LBA=045260
Track 09 Audio 13:03:60 LBA=058635
Track 10 Audio 14:47:28 LBA=066403
Track 11 Audio 17:28:05 LBA=078455
Track 12 Audio 19:09:58 LBA=086083
Track 13 Audio 21:40:18 LBA=097368
Track 14 Audio 24:07:69 LBA=108444
Track 15 Audio 27:47:51 LBA=124926
Track 16 Audio 30:13:10 LBA=135835
Track 17 Audio 33:28:56 LBA=150506
Track 18 Audio 34:58:29 LBA=157229
Track 19 Audio 36:40:49 LBA=164899
Track 20 Audio 38:40:50 LBA=173900
Track 21 Audio 42:42:12 LBA=192012
Track 22 Data 46:58:62 LBA=211262

Super CD Rom2 System V3.00.pce
The super Cdrom v.3.00 is the start up of the cdrom. so you need this to run cd rom games. easy to find on google.com

Your MP3's & ISO are fine.

To get music to work theirs 2 things you need to do.

1) Make sure your MP3's are normal mp3's
2) to re-name your mp3's

I'll start with #1

The one thing you have to do is make sure your mp3's are normal mp3's and not mp3 pro. If their mp3 pro, you'll have to convert them to normal mp3's

Use a program called Winlame. It's real easy to use. and can be found on google.com If their normal mp3's then don't worry and move on to #2


Re-name your mp3's like this..


see where I'm going with this.

Just re-name them like that, but don't put the mp3 at the end, because it's already a mp3 or iso. and if you have the name TRACK in your mp3's and iso, take them out and just put the number in. ok....

next put your TOC, MP3's and ISO's all in one folder and name it anything you want, but since it's Dracula X name it Dracula X.

Put the folder on your Memory Stick.

psp/game/pcep07. not the % folder

Start emu...start any game....it doesn't matter which. Then press the (L) shoulder button. Go to "cd change" look for a yellow folder named Dracula X. go inside the folder and pick the TOC file. You wont see the mp3's or iso...don't worry. You'll just see the TOC. select it, then back out then go to "card change" and look for "Super CD Rom2 System V3.00.pce" select that. Press it and the menu will appear. press Run(Start button) and the game should start with music.

The music is a little scratchy, but who cares....Your playing Dracula X Rondo of Blood on your psp.............woohoo :D

August 7th, 2005, 18:37
i got it workin , but no sound yet ill try to re name them.i get effects but no music

August 7th, 2005, 18:45
i cant get no music my files are just normal mp3s and i renamed them i get a error msg sayin mp3 ini error