View Full Version : N-Card clone had a stroke, white screen

February 4th, 2008, 17:43
I had bought a cheap N-Card clone a while back and everything was going well until I switched to Ubuntu on my pc. I was just moving my games over from my card to store on my pc after the fresh Ubuntu flash and thats when the stroke happened. I went to start up my ds later and found that nothing would boot. I went back to usb to investigate and discovered that EVERYTHING had been corrupted. Weird long funny names and what-not.

So logically with such a slow transfer rate on these cards I used its built in formatting function. After the formating I went to replace the xmenu file so it could boot to the menu and all went well enough. I started up the card only to discover nothing but I white screen.. It starts up normal but instead of giving me the menu I just get a white screen.

Im pretty sure my card has died but I figured I could at least ask... Any ideas??

March 17th, 2008, 16:53
Thanks for all the help guys. I put Windows back on my living room pc and I formatted the card in fat with it and then formatted it with the cards formatting tool and bingo its fixed.

Again thanks for all the advice..