View Full Version : Help For Us NTSC Folks

August 31st, 2004, 07:31
Now i aint that mad but i am sure you guys can understand from my point of view. I waste disks a lot from some games that just dont work and i can forgive that. But to games that are in Pal that could work if they were in NTSC like fenix,vectrexx or whatever its called and the new releases that i believe are being worked on for compatibility for NTSC users.

Now i dont want a rude reply like go and buy a new tv if i was a millionaire and not working as a maintence person night shift i might actually go out and by one but I just bought a tv from a previous place and the quality is great and another thing if i was to use a RCA jack that wouldnt matter cause i have pal games for PSone that dont work unless i have a 60htz tv.

So i am just making a suggestion from althose trouble times and wasting disks and including the money on top of that just to help us NTSC users out and let us have fun with your great work. All i am about is for the people cause people want good things if this site is a friendly site its obvious were for the people so please do this not just for me but for the people. From pics great games from my tv i dont know.