View Full Version : Eee PC in ‘Kindle’ Mode

February 9th, 2008, 13:15
I came across a post on thekindle pointing to a forum post on eeeph where one of the users shows how he uses FBReader to make his Eee PC go into ‘Kindle’ mode. For those unaware, the Kindle is Amazon’s recently released e-book reader that’s almost impossible to find in stock these days.

While the Kindle and Eee PC are definitely two separate beasts, the Eee PC can actually emulate some of the Kindle’s main features. If you use FBReader, it lets you rotate the Eee PC’s screen to read e-books in portrait mode, and you can assign keys to use for turning the pages- giving you this ‘Kindle’ style mode. You won’t have the paper like screen or EVDO of the Kindle, but you will have a solid 7″ color screen and the ability to other things then simply read.