View Full Version : Need Help: SD Media Launcher

Dr Eggman
March 1st, 2008, 00:03
Hey all,

I am going to order it off of somewhere. But, i have a few questions.

I want to play some GC Backups on the Wii if possible. The ones i want to play are the Proto's that drx is leaking, an we all know he's going to more. So, i want to play these. I will use GCoS or some similar program. If necessary i will use the ol' GC, although i would rather use the Wii.

Also, if anyone has a new one USA in the Box, could it be listed on eBay? I would rather buy it off of ebay than some other website.

Oh, and i would use SDGecko but sadly my AR Disc broke and i dont want to enter a huge code ;)