View Full Version : Music on 3.90 m33-2 w/ kenel v2

March 2nd, 2008, 04:51
Well, I was wondering if there was a way to play music while playing a rom game.. (psp rom)

March 2nd, 2008, 07:45
the best way to do that is to turn on your ipod, mp3 player, ect. :D

but yeah i doubt you can

March 2nd, 2008, 22:16
i dont know the details on these
but they let you play your music in the background of games and homebrew and webbrowsing

March 3rd, 2008, 00:27
oh yeah you can?

hmmm thats cool

March 3rd, 2008, 02:44
Yea, I just found out about irshell, but I couldnt find the DOWNLOADS and the guide and didnt have time so I gave up x.x If anyone has it, could someone post it here xD

And could someone find out more about the music prx please?

March 3rd, 2008, 03:49
theres allot around Google but its in Norwegian or something

March 3rd, 2008, 15:43
Unfortunatly, I don't think music.prx works above 3.71
and it most definetly does NOT work on PSPSlim at all because I have tried it.

Give it a try on a 'fat' PSP though, as it should work. Don't know about 3.90 but since you have the 1.50 kernel, it might work.

music.prx is the best way though :) works brilliant, as I had it back when I was using my original PSP on 3.52 M33.

Unless you are using IRSHELL for other usage, then I don't reccommend it, as it uses alot of space on the memory stick (music.prx if you can use it, only uses like 200kb at the most) and you cannot change memory sticks once you have started IRSHELL.

If you do get music.prx though, it works fine in almost everything! Homebrew, XMB, UMD Games, Isos, etc

March 3rd, 2008, 21:23
thanks technomike!
if its not too much trouble, could you tell me the guide and the DLS?