View Full Version : at3decode and eLoader

March 7th, 2008, 12:05
Hi guys. I'm having problems trying to run eLoader v1.000 to run the at3decode eboot (which requires the 1.5 kernel hence why I'm running eLoader) on my PSP Slim running cfw 3.80m33-5.

I get the following error in a text dump on my memory stick:

Exception - Bus error (instr)
EPC - 00000000
Cause - 10000018
Status - 20008613
BadVAddr - EA33FCEC
zr 00000000 at 00000000 v0 09FA1B24 v1 00008613
a0 00000000 a1 0000001A a2 09FFDAB0 a3 09FFDA98
t0 00000000 t1 FEFEFEFF t2 00000000 t3 00000000
t4 09FFE2D0 t5 00008613 t6 08900428 t7 00008600
s0 08908B70 s1 08908A38 s2 00000000 s3 08910000
s4 00000021 s5 00000013 s6 DEADBEEF s7 DEADBEEF
t8 882183D4 t9 00000000 k0 09FFEF00 k1 00000000
gp 08912630 sp 09FFE2A8 fp 09FFEE90 ra 08901F8C

Anyone got any idea? Any sort of help is highly appreciative.

March 8th, 2008, 11:41
I don't think eloader can help you bypass the 1.5 kernel problems on a SLIM.
I think you should be using Time Machine to get any 1.5 kernel apps to work...
Could be wrong though...