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August 24th, 2005, 09:39
I remember reading somewhere about a fix for a corrupted mem stick. I had the misfortune of the psp just turning off during a file transfer and on reboot the mem stick just flashed and when I went to format it through the psp it said "no stick present". I then brought an external USB Mem reader so that I can copy everything through that instead, but even this can't read the 1gig stick I got. It reads the 32meg stick I got, so that'll do for now. I've order another 1gig stick and I've e-mailed SanDisk about what to do, so I thought I would ask here too, any tips?

Thanks in advance, Love this place and the psp comminity looks like old emu's will live through another generation of people.


August 24th, 2005, 10:08
on my 1 gig that was corrupted the reader wouldnt see it but heres what i did

on the drive you know is the mem stick

right click the drive

click format

then hopefully it will format it and youll have your stick back.

August 24th, 2005, 10:22
well i saw that best buy is haveing the 1 gig for sale for $100 and i want to get it. What if you conect your psp to the computer with a usb cable and the MS is currupt. Will it still work. (guessing it would)
idk ill talk to the guy at best buy about it

August 24th, 2005, 10:45
Thank you for the relpy wraggster can I ask what mem stick reader device you have? Might look at getting the same, mine doesn't seem to respond (I'm using a "highspeed" usb2.0 14in1 card reader)to that at all. Right click > format and just pops up saying "no disk present". Suck :(

As for the other post, I think the best thing to do is not to use the psp (usb mode) for the moment and see if you can get an external usb mem drive to copy and del files from the stick. Seem the psp (well, v1.5) corrupts the stick if the device turns itself off. If you were to use it, then maybe make sure that all your power consumption saving things are off, which is something I should have done to save my stick. Now I just hope SanDisk will replace it. If not I just wasted 150bucksAU. Anyone know if SanDisk is replacing corrupt mem sticks :P Thanks everyone for your help.


August 24th, 2005, 13:45
I've had a reply back from SanDisk. Although It didn't work for me, it's another method to approuch formatting the drive. I'll find out in a few if I get it replaced looks like I will. I thought I would post it just incase ..

Before we replace lets try one more thing. Letís try and format the Card another Way.
Insert the card in a card reader or in the device you are using and plug the device to the computer.
Please right Click on my computer and Select Manage. When Computer Management comes up,
please click on Disk Management on the Left hand Side. After clicking on Disk Management
you should now have a List of Drives in the Right Side panel. On the Right Look
for the card, it may show up as Disk 1, 2, 3Ö Removable.
Right click on the larger "Volume" rectangular icon to the right of the Removable
disk and select Format and Format the card. If you do not have the Format option
please Select New Partition and just keep clicking next through the Wizard that appears.
After you have formatted the Card please Test it. Please respond to this.
(formatting will erase all Data!!!)
Best Regards,

Hope it helps those in peril!