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March 16th, 2008, 13:18
EDIT: mods plz delete this thread since the link doesn't work anymore (****ing sendspace removed it) another reason is i'm not really interested in psp modding anymore. Now I like to play Counter-Strike 1.6/Counter-Strike Source on my PC and old school video games for example Super Mario Land on Game Boy, Batman Game Boy, SMB 3 for NES etc.

Another reason for removing this is because I finally released the final version of the mod but since of DEHACKED stuff etc. it works only on ZDoom (Doom PC enchanced port).

So have fun with all the WADS I posted, but I'm just not interested in PSP homebrewing anymore, so don't ask me where I got my homebrews etc. cause I'm just not going to reply.

But I'm not "dead" yet. Now I made my YouTube account. www.youtube.com/user/michalt441 and you can watch my YouTube videos on there (I have my account since March 11 2008, so don't be suprised if you see that now I have a shitload of videos xD)

March 19th, 2008, 22:55
will this wad be an i wad compatible for dsdoom?
I also have a wad for dsdoom and its called Doom3:the safari zone
the link is

March 24th, 2008, 20:23

March 25th, 2008, 12:11