View Full Version : iLounge’s Fall 2005 FM Transmitter Shootout

August 27th, 2005, 13:16
There are probably way more iPod FM transmitter accessories out there than there needs to be, but iLounge has a good roundup comparing six car units (Belkin’s TuneBase FM, DLO’s TransPod FM, Griffin’s RoadTrip [pictured at right], Kensington’s Digital FM Transmitter, Newer Technology’s RoadTrip! Plus and RoadTrip! 87.9FM) and six fully portable units (Belkin’s TuneCast II, BTI’s TuneStir, Griffin’s iTrip and iTrip LCD, Tekkeon’s MyPower FM, and XtremeMac’s AirPlay). Their picks for the best of the bunch? Kensington’s Digital FM Transmitter and NewerTechnology’s RoadTrip! Plus.