View Full Version : Wii freeloader and Smash Brothers Brawl in UK working/info

March 19th, 2008, 23:05
Today I managed to get hold of a copy of Smash Brothers Brawl from america. This is a quick Info thread for any1 who is thinking about trying this.

I am using a UK Wii with the latest firmware. With this UK Wii and The freeloader I tried to get the game to run sevral times always resulting in a crash. I solved this problem by letting the freeloader run then taking out and puting it back so it ran again. after this I was able to run the update from the American disc. This update has had no negative effects on my Wii but it also ment the after this the game would load fine with the freeloader.

I hope this helps any1 who is thinking about getting the game this way.