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March 19th, 2008, 23:20
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http://www.blogsmithmedia.com/www.xbox360fanboy.com/media/2008/02/rainbow-six-vegas-2-logo-49.jpg (http://gamerscoreblog.com/team/archive/2008/03/18/558123.aspx#comments)
While most of the media focuses on whether or not games can turn innocent children into mindless killing machines, there is a much more dangerous psychosis that affects fully grown men. It's the kind of thing that makes a man stalk the toy aisle every time he goes shopping with his significant other, the sort of thing that compels him to buy the newest Nerf toy (http://www.xbox360fanboy.com/2008/01/23/gears-lancer-made-with-nerf-and-toy-chainsaw/). Case in point: the latest video (http://gamerscoreblog.com/team/archive/2008/03/17/558016.aspx) from Gamerscore Blog. It seems the boys in Redmond (we don't see what's her name anywhere) have become a little too fond of Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (http://www.xbox360fanboy.com/tag/rainbow-six-vegas-2). Don't take our word for it though. Watch the video -- handily embedded after the break -- and judge for yourself.Continue reading Gamerscore Blog likes Vegas 2 a little too much (http://www.xbox360fanboy.com/2008/03/19/gamerscore-blog-likes-vegas-2-a-little-too-much/)

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March 19th, 2008, 23:41
Ha this video was hilarious, according to Achivement junkie, one of em was supposed to rappel down the parking lot.